Firstly, if your team is unable to make the LAN, or has any kind of concern, please open a support ticket ASAP.

Spectator tickets: purchased here.

LAN ADDRESS: 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, 5039, SA

Group A - 9:00AM July 1st
#1 Legacy eSports
#2 Tainted Black
#3 Riotous Raccoons (Previously known as: Incept e-sports)
#4 Funky Monkeys

Group B - 2:00pm July 1st
#1 Dark Sided
#3 Skyfire
#4 Tainted Minds

You will play the 3 other teams in your group. All matches on both days are BO3, with vetos done the same way as the rest of the season.. The top 2 teams from each group will proceed to finals. Teams drawing will be resolved with head-to-head, then map difference, then round difference. This means if you are tieing with another team in your group, whoever won in your match is ranked higher.

Schedule - Day 1:
9:00AM - Doors Open

9:30AM - 1v4 and 2v3
11:30AM - 3v1 and 2v4
1:00PM - 4v3 and 1v2

2:30PM - 1v4 and 2v3
4:30PM - 3v1 and 2v4
6:00PM - 4v3 and 1v2

Schedule - Day 2:
9:00AM - Doors Open
9:30AM - Spare time for matches from DAY 1 to be completed.
10:00AM - Semi Final #1 - 1st placed team from Group A plays 2nd placed team from Group B - BO3
12:00PM - Semi Final #2 - 1st placed team from Group B plays 2nd placed team from Group A - BO3
2:00PM - 3rd Place Final
4:00PM - Grand Final

We will have two matches running at a time on Day 1. In the event Day 1 falls behind, the remaining matches will be played at the start of Day 2, and the 3rd place final will be cancelled to save time.

You must be available 30 minutes before each of your scheduled matches, we will play matches slightly earlier than their scheduled time if the previous match finishes early.

Play Offs
As posted in the article a week ago, all teams on 5-3 have been entered into a single elimination bracket, which will play through until there is only two teams remaining on Sunday 25th at 4pm. The bracket can be viewed here:

Some teams will play their first round play-off match on Thursday/Friday night this week. All remaining matches will be played on Sunday the 25th of June from 4pm and the winning two teams will be confirmed and able to book flights that night, very sorry for the late notice.

Play-off schedule - Sunday 25th June:
4pm Sunday (Sydney Time) - round 1 matches if not played earlier in the week.
6:30pm Sunday (Sydney Time) - Round 2 matches, or later that night if agreed by both teams.

The following teams finished 5-3 and have made play-offs:
Tainted Minds
Team Noxide
Funky Monkeys

Please do your best to complete the first round of play-offs before Sunday if possible, if for any reason you want to withdraw from the play-offs, please open a ticket TODAY.

If you have any other questions, open a support ticket.

Congratulations to all teams that have qualified for LAN.


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