AEM CSGO Season #2 $8,500 prize pool, Top 8 LAN final September 23rd-24th.

AEM CSGO Season #2

This is a tournament with an online swiss season of 10 rounds leading to a LAN final in Adelaide on Saturday and Sunday the 23rd-24th of September. The top 8 teams qualify to the LAN final.

$8,500 Prize Pool

1st: $2000, 2nd: $1500, 3rd, $1000, 4th: $1000, 5th: $750, 6th: $750, 7th: $750, 8th: $750
8th place prizemoney is available before the LAN to assist with your travel arrangements if needed.
Tournament completed: 27th September 2017

Tournament Settings

Team Entry Fee$150.00
Players per team5
Optional subs per team3
Total qualifiers1
You can modify the subs on your team until the end of the first round. Your initial core 5 players cannot be changed.

Online Qualifier - Regos close: 11:30pm Saturday, July 8th

32/100 teams have paid and are confirmed. The top 8 teams qualify to the LAN final. Qualifier format: Swiss Format.18 teams are partially signed up.
You will be entered into one match roughly every 5 days. You will have 24 hours to offer times to your opponent, and 24 hours to accept one of the times offered from your opponent, failure to offer/accept a time will result in a forfeit. The season will continue until the top 8 teams are known. The season will use the CyberGamer CSGO ruleset. The season will run for a minimum of 7 rounds of matches and will likely take 6-8 weeks. All matches are BO3 and are decided via VETOing: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Decider. Map list: de_mirage, de_overpass, de_inferno, de_train, de_nuke, de_cache, de_cbble.
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LAN Final - 10:00am Saturday, September 23rd

0/8 finalists known.