Australian E-Sports Masters: News

Hello everyone, round 7's matches have been created:

This season has 9 rounds, the remaining rounds should play out something like this:

As posted at the start of the season, receiving 7 wins will qualify you for the LAN finals. Receiving 6 wins will mean you go into a single elim play-off bracket, the same as previous seasons. Currently it looks like 6 teams should qualify for the LAN directly and 2 will come from the play-offs.

In order to finish in time, round 7 must be completed by Wednesday November 15th, round 8 will need to finish by Tuesday 21st of November and the final round will need to finish by Monday November 27th.

This will give 15 days notice to the 6 teams that qualify, and hopefully the play-offs can be completed fast enough for the remaining 2 teams to have over a weeks notice.

Finally, due to the length of time the previous two LANs Finals have taken, we will be requiring 3-4 finals matches to be played on the Friday (8th) on LAN.

I will provide the schedule by the end of round 9, you should either book flights that allow you to make an afternoon Friday match, or wait until you see the schedule before booking flights. Contact me if you have any concerns.

Hello everyone, the matches for round 5 have been created:

Hopefully this weeks matches can complete by Wednesday night, but due to PAX etc i'm happy to have it go to Thursday night.

Round 4's matches have been created:

Round 4 is scheduled to complete Wednesday night, hopefully no matches need to be rescheduled to Thursday. The season needs to keep to a very tight schedule in order to know all 8 finalists in time. At the current rate round 9 should complete around November 23rd.

Good luck to all teams,

For those that missed it, photos from the season 2 LAN finals can be found here:
Hello everyone, due to there being quite a lot of interest we will continue to run Season 3 as scheduled. Please update your match times ASAP, as i'll create round 1 later tonight.

However, this will still personally cost me at least 5 grand as sponsors are what make it break-even, not team numbers.

Hopefully the numbers from this season are enough to sign some sponsors for Season 4, otherwise this season will be the last. To be viable purely off team numbers it would require about 70-80 teams.

The season appears to have very few division 1 teams, so making the LAN final should be much more attainable. 8th place prizemoney ($750) is available to be paid to your team before the LAN to assist in travel if required, please keep this in mind. I'll remind the teams that qualify at the end of the season.

Finally, roster lock will be at the end of round 6. There is a minimum of 9 rounds to be played.

Late rego's will be open until Saturday, September 30th at 11pm

Congratulations Legacy eSports for taking out Season 2 vs Sin Gaming.

Thanks to all teams who competed on the weekend, can all 8 finalists open a support ticket with payment details for your prize money.

Please signup for season 3 here.

AEM has run at a personal loss to me of about $5,000-7000 per season and can really only continue with very strong interest from teams competing and at least the potential for sponsors beyond origin signing on in the future.

A decision will be made on Wednesday/Thursday as to whether to continue with the third season as planned or to refund all teams and cancel the season,

Season 2 final standings:
1st: Legacy eSports
2nd: Sin Gaming
3rd/4th: Dark Sided
3rd/4th: Funkd
5th-8th: Lucid
5th-8th: SYF
5th-8th: Avant Garde
5th-8th: Masterminds

Season 2 LAN finals live on Twitch, tune in:

Season 3 is brought to you by Origin:

Signups are open now and will close on September 25th at 8pm.

Late regos will be open for 48 hours.

Throughout the season you will play 1 match roughly every 5 days. The season will have 9 rounds of swiss. Thus receiving 7 wins will qualify you to the LAN Fianls, and receiving 6 wins will mean you make play offs.

The LAN finals are scheduled for December 9th and 10th in Adelaide at the CG Studio, 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, SA.

Please find the full details below.

Name: Australian Esports Masters #3

Format: Swiss online qualifiers into top 8 LAN. Eliminated at 4 losses.

Entry Fee: $150 per team

Prize Pool ($8500):
1st - $2000
2nd - $1500
3rd - $1000
4th - $1000
5th - 8th - $750

Online Qualifiers: Starts September 25th, register here.

Lan Venue: CyberGamer Studio, Adelaide, December 9th and 10th. 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown.

Ruleset: CyberGamer CSGO 5v5 Ruleset (CG bans apply)

Best of luck to all teams,

Hi everyone, firstly, congratulations to all the teams who have qualified for the LAN finals.

Secondly, thanks to our season head sponsor ORIGIN. AEM would not be possible without them:

This post should have all info you need for the LAN.

LAN ADDRESS: 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, 5039, SA
LAN DATE: Saturday and Sunday the 23rd-24th September

All players/teams need to bring the following gear to AEM:

- Keyboard
- Mouse
- Mousepad
- inner ears headphones
- Microphone or a headset with mic on it. (this is only used for matches off-stage, on-stage our gear has microphones)
- User Configs - the correct CFG is: program files (x64)/Steam/Userdata/<STEAM3ID/730/local/cfg

Email configs to [email protected]
Rename the config: teamname_playername.cfg
Configs not named correctly will be ignored.

If you forget some electronics, there is a Jaycar 10m walk away:

For food & general stuff, the nearest place is Castle Plaza shopping centre:

#1 Dark Sided
#2 SYF
#3 Lucid
#4 Funkd

#1 Sin Gaming
#3 Legacy eSports
#4 Masterminds

Each group will play a 4 team Double Elimination Bracket. The top 2 from each bracket proceed to Single Elimination Finals. All matches on both days are BO3. This is likely the finals format for all future seasons.

Doors open at 8:00AM on Saturday, it is important that the first round of matches start with no delays. Teams in Group B need to be available by 2pm, we'll start you early if we're able.

If a team is not present when required, they'll forfeit the first map after 10 minutes, and the entire BO3 after 30m.

Prize Pool ($8500):
1st - $2000
2nd - $1500
3rd - $1000
4th - $1000
5th - 8th - $750

If there is any doubt in your team attending the LAN finals please open a support ticket by tomorrow so that one of the play-off teams can take the spot.

I've asked nearly everyone, but if your team could play your first match Friday night please let me know, this would greatly help us out.

If you have any other questions please open a support ticket,

The final round of the season has been created and should be completed by Sunday.

At the end of the round the following 7 teams will have qualified:
Riotous Raccoons - already qualified
SYF - already qualified
Legacy eSports - already qualified
Sin Gaming - already qualified
Winner of AVANT GARDE vs The New Egirls In Town
Winner of Masterminds vs Funkd
Winner of Ground Zero vs Lucid

The 3 loser of the 3 matches above will play-off for the final position. The play-offs will be played Monday-Thursday based on teams availability, thus the 8 LAN teams should be fully locked in on the 14th.

Full LAN info will be posted in the next few days, in the meantime if any qualified teams are available and can commit to playing one of their LAN matches on the Friday night (sept 22nd) at 7pm and/or 9pm please contact me ASAP, this would make the LAN much easier to run for everyone.

Finally, if any of the remaining 10 teams are unable or may have difficulties attending the LAN, please get in touch with me IMMEDIATELY.

Hello everyone, a new rule has been announced at CyberGamer that covers future AEM seasons, please give it a read here.

Hello everyone, round 9's matches have been created:

All matches this round must be completed on or before Monday, if this is an issue, please post on your match page TODAY.

Reaching 7 wins qualifies you for LAN. At the end of this round there will be 4 teams that have qualified:
Riotous Raccoons - Qualified already
SYF - Qualified already
Winner of Masterminds vs Sin Gaming qualifies
Winner of The New Egirls In Town vs Legacy eSports qualifies

And there will be 6 teams entering the final round with a score of 6-3. These teams will play each other regardless whether they have played their opponent in a previous round. The winners will qualify and will give us 7 qualifiers. The 3 losers will finish on 6-4 and will play-off for the final position.

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