Australian E-Sports Masters: News

Hi everyone. round 6 is almost complete.

The following rounds will likely runout something like this, depending on how the bye's are generated and if any teams pullout:

Obtaining 7 wins should mean you have qualified. If you reach 4 losses you are eliminated, except for round 10 if it takes the remaining number of teams below top 8, as mentioned here.

Secondly, roster lock is tonight, please ensure your team roster is completely up to date. Any changes after tonight will require admin approval.

Finally, if any teams are unsure if they will be able to attend the LAN finals, can you please open a support ticket ASAP.

Roster lock is on Monday the 14th of August. Changes to your team will only be allowed in limited circumstances after that.

Hello everyone, round 4's matches have been created:

Roster lock date will be at the end of round 6, which will be mid August.

Good luck to all teams!
Hello everyone, round 3's matches have now been created.

This season will have 10 rounds of matches (it was originally posted that there would be 11 rounds).

Here is some rough rankings for the end of Round 10. Keeping in mind that there is many combinations that can occur and with byes these can't be trusted too accurately:

Essentially, if you receive 8 wins you will have 100% qualified, and 7-3 is likely good enough too. If you reach 4 losses in the final round, you will not be eliminated if it leaves less than 8 teams remaining. In the example above, the 4 teams on 6-4 would play a single elimination bracket for the 8th qualifying spot. If you reach 4 losses in round 9 or earlier you will be eliminated as usual.

Also, a second reminder for Season 1 finalists to open a support ticket regarding their prize money.

Finally, if you need to reschedule any matches, please get onto it as early as possible.

Congratulations Tainted Minds for taking out Season 1. Thanks to everyone that competed and watched in person or online.

The final standings:
#1 - Tainted Minds
#2 - Dark Sided
#3/4 - Legacy
#3/4 - Funky Monkeys
#5/6 - Riotous Raccoons
#7/8 - Tainted Black
#7/8 - Skyfire

Can all teams have a captain open a support ticket regarding their prize payment details.

Signups for season 2 are open now:

Season 2 will start tonight at 8pm. Late regos will then be open for 72 hours. Teams will need to offer/accept their times as usual within the first 24 hours of the season starting.

Season 2 has the following format:
- A minimum of 11 rounds of swiss format (each round you play a team on a similar number of wins/losses as you, as the season progresses your matches get more and more important)
- You are eliminated if you receive 4 losses.
- all matches are BO3.
- You will play one match roughly every 5 days for the entire season.
- Throughout the season you will be given 24 hours notice to offer or accept match times, failing to do so will result in a forfeit.
- All teams will receive roughly one bye/free win during the first 7-8 rounds.
- Reschedules are allowed if both teams agree, but are generally only allowed to be pushed back 2-4 days, sometimes only 24 hours.
- $150 team entry fee
- Top 8 make finals
- Finals date: 23rd-24th of September

It is essential you are careful with the times you offer/accept. If your reschedule request is denied and you fail to attend your match as scheduled, you will forfeit.

There is 68 days for us to complete 11 rounds of matches, which means each round has 6.1 days to finish, which is perfectly doable. If we start to fall behind, rescheduling will start to get a bit stricter.

After 11 rounds, any teams tieing for 8th will play-off in a single elim BO3 bracket. Receiving 9 wins (2 losses) will 100% guarantee you make LAN, 8 wins (3 losses) will likely guarantee you at least make play-offs. Once the total entrants are known, the required wins can be calculated much easier.

The prize pool structure has been modified from season 1 to favor the lower ranked teams:
1st - $2000
2nd - $1500
3rd - $1000
4th - $1000
5th - 8th - $750
Total: $8,500

AEM is specifically aimed at allowing teams ranked 10-50 to have a very reasonable chance at making the top 8 LAN, whilst also allowing these teams to gain experience by playing against some of the very best teams during the season. It is hoped that in general roughly only four of the top 10 teams join each season, we'd be perfectly happy with only two joining.

If it becomes a problem, we will remove the 5th/6th+ CGp/div1 team to join, and they can have priority in the next season. The point of the league is to allow different/new/more teams to attend LANs and to differentiate itself from CyberGamer. It's also likely that less teams will be interested in competing if there is 8+ div1 teams.

The LAN finals format this season will likely change, as two round robin groups of 4 with BO3 was too long. It may change to two Double Elim groups of 4, or one 8 team Double Elim bracket, the format will be finalized closer to the LAN date.

Roster lock date will be announced later, but will be sometime between round 4 and 8.

If you have any questions or have trouble joining the season, please open a support ticket.

Good luck to all teams and thanks to our season 2 sponsor, Origin:
Live stream:

Hi everyone, all players/teams need to bring the following gear to AEM:

- Keyboard
- Mouse
- Mousepad
- inner ears headphones
- Microphone or a headset with mic on it. (this is only used for matches in our upstairs room, on-stage our gear has microphones)
- User Configs - the correct CFG is: program files (x64)/Steam/Userdata/<STEAM3ID/730/local/cfg

If you forget any gear, there is a JayCar (tech stuff) about 5 minutes walk, and a Coles/shopping center about 15m walk.

LAN ADDRESS: 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, 5039, SA
LAN DATE: Saturday and Sunday the 1st-2nd of July

Day One Schedule:

Format and Group info can be found here:

Group A teams need to arrive at 9AM, Group B teams need to arrive at 2pm or earlier. You're obviously welcome to watch the other groups play as a spectator, all teams have been sent 5 free promo codes for friends that want to buy spectator tickets:

We'll have water and some drinks on the day, we may do a BBQ on the sunday at around 2pm. There is a KFC 500m away.

There is very little room for delays during the event, so forfeits will be handed out pretty quickly if you're not ready to play when you need to be.

After the event, a team captain will need to open a support ticket with their payment info, we can pay to : CG Credits Account, AU Bank Account, Paypal.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Firstly, if your team is unable to make the LAN, or has any kind of concern, please open a support ticket ASAP.

Spectator tickets: purchased here.

LAN ADDRESS: 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, 5039, SA

Group A - 9:00AM July 1st
#1 Legacy eSports
#2 Tainted Black
#3 Riotous Raccoons (Previously known as: Incept e-sports)
#4 Funky Monkeys

Group B - 2:00pm July 1st
#1 Dark Sided
#3 Skyfire
#4 Tainted Minds

You will play the 3 other teams in your group. All matches on both days are BO3, with vetos done the same way as the rest of the season.. The top 2 teams from each group will proceed to finals. Teams drawing will be resolved with head-to-head, then map difference, then round difference. This means if you are tieing with another team in your group, whoever won in your match is ranked higher.

Schedule - Day 1:
9:00AM - Doors Open

9:30AM - 1v4 and 2v3
11:30AM - 3v1 and 2v4
1:00PM - 4v3 and 1v2

2:30PM - 1v4 and 2v3
4:30PM - 3v1 and 2v4
6:00PM - 4v3 and 1v2

Schedule - Day 2:
9:00AM - Doors Open
9:30AM - Spare time for matches from DAY 1 to be completed.
10:00AM - Semi Final #1 - 1st placed team from Group A plays 2nd placed team from Group B - BO3
12:00PM - Semi Final #2 - 1st placed team from Group B plays 2nd placed team from Group A - BO3
2:00PM - 3rd Place Final
4:00PM - Grand Final

We will have two matches running at a time on Day 1. In the event Day 1 falls behind, the remaining matches will be played at the start of Day 2, and the 3rd place final will be cancelled to save time.

You must be available 30 minutes before each of your scheduled matches, we will play matches slightly earlier than their scheduled time if the previous match finishes early.

Play Offs
As posted in the article a week ago, all teams on 5-3 have been entered into a single elimination bracket, which will play through until there is only two teams remaining on Sunday 25th at 4pm. The bracket can be viewed here:

Some teams will play their first round play-off match on Thursday/Friday night this week. All remaining matches will be played on Sunday the 25th of June from 4pm and the winning two teams will be confirmed and able to book flights that night, very sorry for the late notice.

Play-off schedule - Sunday 25th June:
4pm Sunday (Sydney Time) - round 1 matches if not played earlier in the week.
6:30pm Sunday (Sydney Time) - Round 2 matches, or later that night if agreed by both teams.

The following teams finished 5-3 and have made play-offs:
Tainted Minds
Team Noxide
Funky Monkeys

Please do your best to complete the first round of play-offs before Sunday if possible, if for any reason you want to withdraw from the play-offs, please open a ticket TODAY.

If you have any other questions, open a support ticket.

Congratulations to all teams that have qualified for LAN.

Season 2 is brought to you by Origin:

Signups for season 2 are open now and will close on July 3rd at 8pm. Late regos will be open for 48 hours.

Throughout the season you will play 1 match roughly every 5 days. The season will have a minimum of 11 rounds of swiss, up from 8 rounds in season 1. This will allow teams to overcome an early loss easier. Receiving 8 wins (3 losses) will guarantee you make LAN, receiving 7 wins will likely mean you have to have a play-off match to qualify.

The LAN finals is scheduled for September 23rd and 24th in Adelaide at the CG Studio, 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, SA.

Please find the full details below.

Name: Australian Esports Masters #2

Format: Swiss online qualifiers into top 8 LAN. Eliminated at 4 losses.

Entry Fee: $150 per team

Prize Pool ($8500):
1st - $2000
2nd - $1500
3rd - $1000
4th - $1000
5th - 8th - $750

Online Qualifiers: Starts July 3rd, register here.

Lan Venue: CyberGamer Studio, Adelaide, September 23rd and 24th. 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown.

Ruleset: CyberGamer CSGO 5v5 Ruleset (CG bans apply)

Any questions, let me know,

Hello everyone, the last round of matches have now been created. As posted last week, reaching 6 wins guarantees LAN qualification.

The following teams have qualified so far:
Legacy eSports
Dark Sided
Tainted Black

The following teams will qualify if they win this weeks match (ie 3 of the 6 teams):
Funky Monkeys
Incept e-sports

This will give us 6 of the 8 teams for LAN finals. Leaving 8 teams on 5-3 playing off for 2 positions. They will play a single elimination bracket, until only 2 teams remain (ie the grand final of the bracket is not played). You will be entered into matches as usual on the AEM website, you will need to play your matches as fast as possible. Any remaining matches will be played out on Sunday the 25th of June, starting around 4pm Sydney time. It is assumed at least the first round of the bracket will be completed before then. Teams will need to enter their match times as usual in order to be entered into the bracket.

Any teams wishing to pull out of the LAN final for any reason needs to open a support ticket ASAP (regardless whether they have already qualified). It will become a significant problem if I am not alerted by the end of round 8.

LAN Format - DAY ONE - Saturday July 1st:
The LAN format will consist of two groups of 4. You will play the 3 other teams in your group. All matches are BO3. The top 2 teams from each group will proceed to finals on Sunday. Teams drawing will be resolved with head-to-head, then map difference, then round difference. This means if you are tieing with another team in your group, whoever won in your match is ranked higher.

Thus, all teams will receive at least 3 BO3 matches as a worst case scenario. The first match will start at 10AM, doors open at 9AM. We will have the stage and the room upstairs running all day, ie two matches running concurrently the entire day.

LAN Format - DAY TWO - Finals - Sunday July 2nd:
9AM Sunday morning will be used for any matches that failed to complete on Saturday if required.

Semi Finals - 10:00AM start.
1st placed team from Group A plays 2nd placed team from Group B - BO3
1st placed team from Group B plays 2nd placed team from Group A - BO3
Losers final - losers from each match - BO3
Grand final - winners from each match - BO3

In the event of any issues, admin decision on the day will over-ride any of the above rules/structure if required.

LAN venue address:
10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, SA, 5039

Good luck to all teams in their remaining matches.

There will be 8 full rounds rather than what was posted previously. This will mean that teams that reach 6 wins will have qualified, and all teams on 5-3 will either play-off or will play a round 9 themselves, and then the winners will play-off.

It is essential that round 7 and 8 run smoothly without any major reschedules. Teams that reach 6 wins will be able to book flights with some decent notice, whilst the teams on 5-3 will have less notice. More info will be posted towards the end of round 8.

If you have any questions, open a support ticket. Future seasons will likely be a full 11-12 rounds to make the end of the season much smoother and to allow teams to overcome early losses easier.

Spectator tickets to the finals can now be purchased from here.
All teams will be emailed throughout the tournament with match information, please keep an eye on your emails. You'll be required to offer times to your opponents and will have 24 hours to do so or you will forfeit the match.

All matches throughout the season are best of 3 and EAC is required for all palyers. There will be a minimum of 7 rounds of matches for the season. Then there will be play-offs for any teams tieing for top 8, or there will be an 8th round of matches if too many teams are tieing. If you run into any problems, open a support ticket.

Late rego's are open until Sunday.

Upcoming Matches
New Teams