Match Details
A AEM CSGO Season #3 match. Ruleset: CyberGamer CSGO 5v5 Ruleset (CG bans apply)
10 players were seen in the server. Current Map: de_mirage
  • Played: Tuesday, 8:00pm November 21st
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Match Score
Cortex e-Sports 1
Paradox Gaming2
Server Details
IP:Must be competitor
Password:Must be competitor
Map #1de_inferno
Map #2de_cbble
Map #3de_mirage (decider)
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Cortex e-Sports vs Paradox Gaming

A AEM CSGO Season #3 round 8 match played 8:00pm 21/11/17. This match is best of 3.

Before the match was played, both teams were on 4-3.

Match VETO

Maps will be chosen via VETO 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. VETO format: BAN, BAN, PICK, PICK, BAN, BAN, Decider.



#7 by AEMBOT.



#2 by dreamm from Paradox Gaming.



#3 by turbo from Cortex e-Sports .



#6 by dreamm from Paradox Gaming.



#1 by turbo from Cortex e-Sports .



#5 by turbo from Cortex e-Sports .



#4 by dreamm from Paradox Gaming.

Match Discussion (public)

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 4:48am November 22nd 2017

A demo for this match is now available here.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 2:26am November 22nd 2017

A demo for this match is now available here.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 1:16am November 22nd 2017

A demo for this match is now available here.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 10:48pm November 21st 2017

Matching scores have been entered, match is now completed. Congratulations Paradox Gaming.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 9:31pm November 21st 2017

Players seen in server:

Cortex e-Sports:
turbo (0:97946533) - turbo (1:56662898) - fpsbaba
cluckster (1:114272476) - Clutchyy
Wil (0:14552863) - ZhangsterWil

Paradox Gaming:
DREAM[tb] (1:115928551) - dreamm
jj2g (1:103677226) - jj2g
joshm8 (0:20672445) - joshm8
Bewgz (0:72044743) - Bewgz
Riko (1:55069297) - Riko

Unknown Players:
CORTEX PingRayz_ (1:36162464)

Link your STEAM profile on the Get Verified page to fix this. Match demos will not sync if there are more than a couple of unknown players.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 7:53pm November 21st 2017

VETO has completed.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 7:51pm November 21st 2017

A Server IP has been assigned to this match, only team members can view it.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 7:01am November 21st 2017

This is a reminder email to both teams that you have an AEM match TONIGHT at 8:00pm AEST.

The match page can be viewed at:

Good luck to both teams.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 5:53pm November 18th 2017

Reschedule request has not been accepted in time and has expired, original match time will remain.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 5:42pm November 17th 2017

dreamm from Paradox Gaming has requested a MATCH RESCHEDULE. You have 24 hours to accept/decline it.

Time requested: 8:30pm November 19th 2017 (Sunday)

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 8:02am November 17th 2017

This match is scheduled on the last day of round 8. Rescheduling this match to a later date would delay all other teams in the tournament and will rarely be allowed.

If you have any issues please contact an admin or open a support ticket ASAP.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 12:16am November 16th 2017

Match has been scheduled to Tuesday, 8:00pm November 21st, all players have been emailed.

Asterix (ADMIN) 11:35pm November 15th 2017

This match must be played on or before Tuesday. Please update your match times immediately.


AEMBOT (ADMIN) 11:32pm November 15th 2017

Match has been created. Cortex e-Sports must set their times ASAP or risk being forfeited.

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