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A AEM CSGO Season #4 match. Ruleset: CyberGamer CSGO 5v5 Ruleset (CG bans apply)
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IP:Must be competitor
Password:Must be competitor
A team founded by .
5 players need to have their STEAM ID linked for the match demo to sync.
MATCH BYE: This match is a BYE, after 24-48 hours you will receive a forfeit win.
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Downfall vs BYE

A AEM CSGO Season #4 round 7 match with a match time TBA. This match is best of 3.

Match Discussion (public)

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 11:46pm February 21st 2018

Match bye completed. Congratulations Downfall.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 11:44pm February 20th 2018

Match has been created. This match is a bye. You will be awarded a forfeit win in 24 hours, provided no teams need to be moved into this match (late rego, or a mixup with another match).

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