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A AEM CSGO Season #4 match. Ruleset: CyberGamer CSGO 5v5 Ruleset (CG bans apply)
10 players were seen in the server. Current Map: de_mirage
  • Played: Monday, 7:30pm March 12th
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Match Score
Riot Gaming2
Server Details
IP:Must be competitor
Password:Must be competitor
Map #1de_overpass
Map #2de_mirage
Map #3de_inferno (decider)
Riot Gaming
A team founded by Unknown.
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Vizard vs Riot Gaming

A AEM CSGO Season #4 round 10 match played 7:30pm 12/3/18. This match is best of 3.

Before the match was played, both teams were on 6-3.

Match VETO

Maps will be chosen via VETO 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. VETO format: BAN, BAN, PICK, PICK, BAN, BAN, Decider.



#4 by moop from Riot Gaming.



#3 by oxey from Vizard.



#7 by AEMBOT.



#1 by oxey from Vizard.



#5 by oxey from Vizard.



#6 by moop from Riot Gaming.



#2 by moop from Riot Gaming.

Match Discussion (public)

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 8:15am March 13th 2018

A demo for this match is now available here.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 11:08pm March 12th 2018

A demo for this match is now available here.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 9:20pm March 12th 2018

An admin (Asterix) has entered the match scores (0-2). Congratulations Riot Gaming.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 9:01pm March 12th 2018

Players seen in server:

kyson (0:32090982) - kyson
oxey (0:6166) - oxey
seabear (0:26831178) - seabear
NRDEEZY (1:8927636) - NRDEEZY
EEZYAJ (?°?°)-- (0:10845596) - eezrettub

Riot Gaming:
mo0p (1:3570128) - moop
Sim (0:52214206) - Sim
HaZ (1:17293964) - hazfkN
kaiser [7] (1:9154890) - kaiser
Dirty (1:52727909) - Dirty_

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 7:21pm March 12th 2018

A Server IP has been assigned to this match, only team members can view it.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 7:21pm March 12th 2018

VETO has completed.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 7:05am March 12th 2018

This is a reminder email to both teams that you have an AEM match TONIGHT at 7:30pm AEST.

The match page can be viewed at:

Good luck to both teams.

Asterix (ADMIN) 9:29pm March 7th 2018

That's fine, can both of you confirm whether you'd be able to volunteer to play Friday night for the LAN (if you win this match).

Otherwise i'll have to force either you or MC based who finished "7th"

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 8:48pm March 7th 2018

This match is scheduled on the last day of round 10. Rescheduling this match to a later date would delay all other teams in the tournament and will rarely be allowed.

If you have any issues please contact an admin or open a support ticket ASAP.

oxey (Vizard) 11:47pm March 6th 2018

unfortunately we cant.

we have esea on thurs and we cant play weekends atm so mondays earliest for us

Asterix (ADMIN) 11:26pm March 6th 2018

Are you unable to play it earlier, like Thursday or Sunday?  It doesn't bother me, given you're choosing to have less notice than you could have.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 10:23pm March 6th 2018

Match has been scheduled to Monday, 7:30pm March 12th, all players have been emailed.

Asterix (ADMIN) 10:06pm March 6th 2018

This is a play-off match:

The winner will qualify for LAN.  The loser will be eliminated.

Please arrange to play this match ASAP.

AEMBOT (ADMIN) 10:05pm March 6th 2018

Match has been created. Vizard must set their times ASAP or risk being forfeited.

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