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Hi everyone, all players/teams need to bring the following gear to AEM:

- Keyboard
- Mouse
- Mousepad
- inner ears headphones
- Microphone or a headset with mic on it. (this is only used for matches in our upstairs room, on-stage our gear has microphones)
- User Configs - the correct CFG is: program files (x64)/Steam/Userdata/<STEAM3ID/730/local/cfg

If you forget any gear, there is a JayCar (tech stuff) about 5 minutes walk, and a Coles/shopping center about 15m walk.

LAN ADDRESS: 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, 5039, SA
LAN DATE: Saturday and Sunday the 1st-2nd of July

Day One Schedule:

Format and Group info can be found here:

Group A teams need to arrive at 9AM, Group B teams need to arrive at 2pm or earlier. You're obviously welcome to watch the other groups play as a spectator, all teams have been sent 5 free promo codes for friends that want to buy spectator tickets:

We'll have water and some drinks on the day, we may do a BBQ on the sunday at around 2pm. There is a KFC 500m away.

There is very little room for delays during the event, so forfeits will be handed out pretty quickly if you're not ready to play when you need to be.

After the event, a team captain will need to open a support ticket with their payment info, we can pay to : CG Credits Account, AU Bank Account, Paypal.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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