Congratulations Tainted Minds for taking out Season 1. Thanks to everyone that competed and watched in person or online.

The final standings:
#1 - Tainted Minds
#2 - Dark Sided
#3/4 - Legacy
#3/4 - Funky Monkeys
#5/6 - Riotous Raccoons
#7/8 - Tainted Black
#7/8 - Skyfire

Can all teams have a captain open a support ticket regarding their prize payment details.

Signups for season 2 are open now:

Season 2 will start tonight at 8pm. Late regos will then be open for 72 hours. Teams will need to offer/accept their times as usual within the first 24 hours of the season starting.

Season 2 has the following format:
- A minimum of 11 rounds of swiss format (each round you play a team on a similar number of wins/losses as you, as the season progresses your matches get more and more important)
- You are eliminated if you receive 4 losses.
- all matches are BO3.
- You will play one match roughly every 5 days for the entire season.
- Throughout the season you will be given 24 hours notice to offer or accept match times, failing to do so will result in a forfeit.
- All teams will receive roughly one bye/free win during the first 7-8 rounds.
- Reschedules are allowed if both teams agree, but are generally only allowed to be pushed back 2-4 days, sometimes only 24 hours.
- $150 team entry fee
- Top 8 make finals
- Finals date: 23rd-24th of September

It is essential you are careful with the times you offer/accept. If your reschedule request is denied and you fail to attend your match as scheduled, you will forfeit.

There is 68 days for us to complete 11 rounds of matches, which means each round has 6.1 days to finish, which is perfectly doable. If we start to fall behind, rescheduling will start to get a bit stricter.

After 11 rounds, any teams tieing for 8th will play-off in a single elim BO3 bracket. Receiving 9 wins (2 losses) will 100% guarantee you make LAN, 8 wins (3 losses) will likely guarantee you at least make play-offs. Once the total entrants are known, the required wins can be calculated much easier.

The prize pool structure has been modified from season 1 to favor the lower ranked teams:
1st - $2000
2nd - $1500
3rd - $1000
4th - $1000
5th - 8th - $750
Total: $8,500

AEM is specifically aimed at allowing teams ranked 10-50 to have a very reasonable chance at making the top 8 LAN, whilst also allowing these teams to gain experience by playing against some of the very best teams during the season. It is hoped that in general roughly only four of the top 10 teams join each season, we'd be perfectly happy with only two joining.

If it becomes a problem, we will remove the 5th/6th+ CGp/div1 team to join, and they can have priority in the next season. The point of the league is to allow different/new/more teams to attend LANs and to differentiate itself from CyberGamer. It's also likely that less teams will be interested in competing if there is 8+ div1 teams.

The LAN finals format this season will likely change, as two round robin groups of 4 with BO3 was too long. It may change to two Double Elim groups of 4, or one 8 team Double Elim bracket, the format will be finalized closer to the LAN date.

Roster lock date will be announced later, but will be sometime between round 4 and 8.

If you have any questions or have trouble joining the season, please open a support ticket.

Good luck to all teams and thanks to our season 2 sponsor, Origin:

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