Hello everyone, round 3's matches have now been created.

This season will have 10 rounds of matches (it was originally posted that there would be 11 rounds).

Here is some rough rankings for the end of Round 10. Keeping in mind that there is many combinations that can occur and with byes these can't be trusted too accurately:

Essentially, if you receive 8 wins you will have 100% qualified, and 7-3 is likely good enough too. If you reach 4 losses in the final round, you will not be eliminated if it leaves less than 8 teams remaining. In the example above, the 4 teams on 6-4 would play a single elimination bracket for the 8th qualifying spot. If you reach 4 losses in round 9 or earlier you will be eliminated as usual.

Also, a second reminder for Season 1 finalists to open a support ticket regarding their prize money.

Finally, if you need to reschedule any matches, please get onto it as early as possible.


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