Hello everyone, round 9's matches have been created:


All matches this round must be completed on or before Monday, if this is an issue, please post on your match page TODAY.

Reaching 7 wins qualifies you for LAN. At the end of this round there will be 4 teams that have qualified:
Riotous Raccoons - Qualified already
SYF - Qualified already
Winner of Masterminds vs Sin Gaming qualifies
Winner of The New Egirls In Town vs Legacy eSports qualifies

And there will be 6 teams entering the final round with a score of 6-3. These teams will play each other regardless whether they have played their opponent in a previous round. The winners will qualify and will give us 7 qualifiers. The 3 losers will finish on 6-4 and will play-off for the final position.


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