The final round of the season has been created and should be completed by Sunday.

At the end of the round the following 7 teams will have qualified:
Riotous Raccoons - already qualified
SYF - already qualified
Legacy eSports - already qualified
Sin Gaming - already qualified
Winner of AVANT GARDE vs The New Egirls In Town
Winner of Masterminds vs Funkd
Winner of Ground Zero vs Lucid

The 3 loser of the 3 matches above will play-off for the final position. The play-offs will be played Monday-Thursday based on teams availability, thus the 8 LAN teams should be fully locked in on the 14th.

Full LAN info will be posted in the next few days, in the meantime if any qualified teams are available and can commit to playing one of their LAN matches on the Friday night (sept 22nd) at 7pm and/or 9pm please contact me ASAP, this would make the LAN much easier to run for everyone.

Finally, if any of the remaining 10 teams are unable or may have difficulties attending the LAN, please get in touch with me IMMEDIATELY.


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