Congratulations Legacy eSports for taking out Season 2 vs Sin Gaming.

Thanks to all teams who competed on the weekend, can all 8 finalists open a support ticket with payment details for your prize money.

Please signup for season 3 here.

AEM has run at a personal loss to me of about $5,000-7000 per season and can really only continue with very strong interest from teams competing and at least the potential for sponsors beyond origin signing on in the future.

A decision will be made on Wednesday/Thursday as to whether to continue with the third season as planned or to refund all teams and cancel the season,

Season 2 final standings:
1st: Legacy eSports
2nd: Sin Gaming
3rd/4th: Dark Sided
3rd/4th: Funkd
5th-8th: Lucid
5th-8th: SYF
5th-8th: Avant Garde
5th-8th: Masterminds


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