Hello everyone, due to there being quite a lot of interest we will continue to run Season 3 as scheduled. Please update your match times ASAP, as i'll create round 1 later tonight.

However, this will still personally cost me at least 5 grand as sponsors are what make it break-even, not team numbers.

Hopefully the numbers from this season are enough to sign some sponsors for Season 4, otherwise this season will be the last. To be viable purely off team numbers it would require about 70-80 teams.

The season appears to have very few division 1 teams, so making the LAN final should be much more attainable. 8th place prizemoney ($750) is available to be paid to your team before the LAN to assist in travel if required, please keep this in mind. I'll remind the teams that qualify at the end of the season.

Finally, roster lock will be at the end of round 6. There is a minimum of 9 rounds to be played.

Late rego's will be open until Saturday, September 30th at 11pm


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