Hello everyone, round 7's matches have been created:


This season has 9 rounds, the remaining rounds should play out something like this:


As posted at the start of the season, receiving 7 wins will qualify you for the LAN finals. Receiving 6 wins will mean you go into a single elim play-off bracket, the same as previous seasons. Currently it looks like 6 teams should qualify for the LAN directly and 2 will come from the play-offs.

In order to finish in time, round 7 must be completed by Wednesday November 15th, round 8 will need to finish by Tuesday 21st of November and the final round will need to finish by Monday November 27th.

This will give 15 days notice to the 6 teams that qualify, and hopefully the play-offs can be completed fast enough for the remaining 2 teams to have over a weeks notice.

Finally, due to the length of time the previous two LANs Finals have taken, we will be requiring 3-4 finals matches to be played on the Friday (8th) on LAN.

I will provide the schedule by the end of round 9, you should either book flights that allow you to make an afternoon Friday match, or wait until you see the schedule before booking flights. Contact me if you have any concerns.


User comments

Asterix (ADMIN) 10:47pm November 14th 2017

Yeah hopefully is ok, will talk to the teams involved once 5+ have qualified.

lukee 2:56pm November 10th 2017

Going to be tough for me to get a Friday and a Monday off of work, I'll try my hardest mr AEM

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