Congratulations Corvidae for winning season 3 and to SSU Esports for runner up.

The final standings were:
1st: Corvidae ($2000)
2nd: SSU Esports ($1500)
3rd/4th: Masterminds ($1000)
3rd/4th: Lucky7 ($1000)
5th/6th: Paradox Supremacy ($750)
5th/6th: Ground Zero ($750)
7th/8th: Dedset (team noxide) ($750)
7th/8th: Oracle Empyre ($750)

The finals brackets can be viewed here:

Please open a support ticket with bank details for your prize money. Given this season was funded by me personally, prizes payments will be much slower than usual, with the alternative being not running the comp.

Western Digital, AOC, ORIGIN and MWAVE have joined on as sponsors for Season 4. Which will start mid January with LAN finals most likely on March 24-25. Confirmed information will be posted late December.


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