Hello everyone, thank you for joining season 4 of AEM. 36 teams have joined and late regos have now closed.

Round 1 of the season should complete tonight. Round 2 will ideally need to complete this Thursday, but by Sunday at the absolute latest.

As per the season announcement post, round 3 and round 6 will need to be double rounds because the season has about 8 days less time than previous seasons. This is due to all of April being unavailable with Easter and CGPL.

As such, the ability to reschedule matches once scheduled will be greatly reduced if it means you would be delay the tournament an additional day. Once you set your match times, you agree to be available and accept the possibility of a forfeit if you become unavailable.

In practice each round will finish on either Sunday or Thursday (due to almost zero matches being played on Fridays and Saturdays).

Roster lock will be at the end of Round 6.

Finally, please remember that $750 is available as travel assistance in advance of the LAN final, you need to contact an admin or open a support ticket to arrange it once you qualify.

Best of luck in the season, please open a support ticket if you encounter any issues throughout the season.


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