The final round has been created.

Some basic LAN info is posted here:

As per the announcement, 2nd/3rd/6th/7th will have a match on the Friday at 7:30pm. The others have their first match at 9:30am on the Saturday. If you're going to book flights ASAP you need to keep this in mind.

Final team placements are ranked on:
Most wins
Least losses
Most maps won
Least maps lost
Most rounds won
Least rounds lost

The remaining lol123 vs control match will be essential for several teams final placement.

Currently the following teams have qualified for LAN:
Control eSports
Team Streamline

At the end of this round, the winner of these matches qualify:
Taboo vs Ground Zer0 - Scheduled: Sunday, 8:00pm March 4th (Taboo won)
Downfall vs Conspiracy - Scheduled: Tuesday, 9:00pm March 6th

Bringing us to 5 of the 8 LAN teams and leaving 6 teams on 6-3 to play-off for 3 LAN positions. Which will be a single elimination BO3 bracket.

If you have any questions please open a support ticket,


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