Congratulations RIOT Gaming for winning season 4 and to the runner up Legacy Gaming Club.

Firstly, we'd like to thank ORIGIN, AMD and MWAVE for their support.

Secondly, we're very sorry for the various technical issues we had on Friday and Saturday, they unfortunately caused the longest delays we've ever experienced.

Season 4 received a lot more exposure/views than the previous seasons but we've still run all four seasons at a financial loss, even with our staff volunteering their time. As such AEM will essentially be suspended until (and if) we're able to restructure it to be financially viable.

Unfortunately, most sponsors/advertisers we sign to AEM are usually someone we could instead sign to a similar and easier package on CyberGamer, which makes it very difficult.

We've run AEM to help grass roots teams get some experience and attend their first real LAN finals, which is something we believe the CSGO scene needs. In the event we're unable to run a season 5, hopefully someone else can step-in and offer something similar.

All teams who won prize-money need to open a support ticket with their bank details.

Finally, we'd like to thank all of the teams who attended this weekend, essentially every team experienced multiple delays (far more than a typical event) and everyone was very patient and professional. We're also very sorry to team Downfall who's second match was re-scheduled to off-stage and unfortunately went 0-2 without competing on-stage like all other teams.

If anyone has any questions or has a way to keep AEM alive feel free to email [email protected]


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